Donetsk, Dec 4 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic coalmines have produced more than seven million tons of coal since the beginning of this year exceeding the annual output target by 14.5 percent, the Republic’s Coal and Energy Ministry press service said on Tuesday.

In January through November 2018, the Republic’s coal-mining companies of all forms of ownership produced 7,362,406 tons of coal,” the Ministry’s report said. “The output target was met at 114.5 percent; 934,291 tons were produced in excess of the planned 6,753,235 tons.”

In November, DPR miners produced 683,814 tons of coal which made up 105.1 percent of the target. The surplus reached 33,114 tons with the November target at 634,625 tons. The coal-mining companies include the enterprises subordinate to the Coal and Energy Ministry.*jk