Donetsk, Jan 17 – DAN. Republican budget revenues in 2022 will increase by 6.5 pc, the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of the DPRtold DAN.

"Based on the level of taxes and fees in 2021, the expected indicators of budget revenues for 2022-2024 were calculated with the following growth rate compared to the previous year: in 2022 - 6.5 pc, in 2023-2024 - 5pc, including the inflation", the message said.

Income tax revenues are expected to increase alongside average wages and a growth in the number of jobs. Business is expected to attract more employees by a preferential rate of a single contribution for obligatory state social insurance. An agreement is to be signed making entrepreneurs to guarantee the growth of average salary to 35.5 thousand roubles by July 1, 2024. The appliable contribution for state insurance must be accordingly reduced to 15 pc from the current 31 pc.

The Ministry of Revenue also expects an increase in revenues from income tax, turnover tax and simplified tax due to economic activity, more “transparent” environment and fair competition.
As for customs payments, the Ministry plans to achieve target indicators by curbing smuggling and determining the fair market value of goods. *ot