Donetsk, Jan 29 - The Donetsk People’s Republic Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities prepared a “road map” at DPR Head Denis Pushilin’s order to transfer part of the Voda Donbassa water supply company into state ownership, an official said at a news conference on Tuesday.

“Today, I ordered to submit the road map to the DPR Head administration for consideration and coordination,” Naumets said. “It is planned to set up a republican company which will bring together all DPR water ducts and have all personnel registered as its employees.”

If the plan is implemented, the personnel will have a guaranteed salary and welfare package. As of now, some 7,000 Voda Donbassa personnel in the DPR have not been paid for six months. The debt wage approximates 220 million rubles.

The Voda Donbassa utility supplies water to customers in 289 settlements and offers waste water disposal to 79 towns and villages of the Donetsk region. Due to Ukraine's critical wage debt to company workers, DPR Head Denis Pushilin ordered the Construction Ministry during the live question and answer session with the Republic’s residents on December 27, 2018 to plan the transfer of the Voda Donbassa facilities in the Republic under DPR law. Company problems were discussed at the Contact Group talks in Minsk as well.*jk