Donetsk, Jan 9 – DAN.   DPR coal mining enterprises produced over 12 mln tons of 'black gold' last year, which is higher than 2015 figure, the Ministry of Coal and Energy said.

"DPR coal mining enterprises produced 12,005,154 tons of solid fuel, including the mines of the Ministry of Coal and Energy – 5,725,463 tons. That is almost three mln tons more than in 2015."

According to the data provided by the ministry's coal industry department, Torezantratsit accounted for the major part of the total coal mined by state enterprises, producing 1.5 mln tons. It is followed by state mining enterprises Donbass and Makeevugol.

In December 2016 over 1.5 mln tons of coal were produced overall, with the Ministry's of Coal mines contribution of 556,500 tons. *ot