Donetsk, Aug 26 — DAN. More than 270 thousand tons of crops were harvested in the liberated parts of the DPR, the Ministry of Food and Agro-Industrial Policy of the Republic said.

“Farms, located in the liberated territories, harvested 270,783 tons of crops from an area of   more than 82,000 hectares as of August 25, that is 81 pc of the plan, ” the report said.

The harvesting of oats (329 tons from 125 hectares) and peas (about 7 thousand tons from 6.8 thousand hectares) has been fully completed; about 240 thousand tons of winter wheat were harvested from an area of   more than 67 thousand hectares, which is 80 pc of the plan. 

Winter barley harvest is at 9.3 thousand tons from 2.7 thousand hectares (82 pc of the plan); spring barley — more than 14 thousand tons from 5.3 thousand hectares, which is 81.2 pc of the plan; almost 82 pc of the harvesting of spring wheat has been completed — 20 tons have been harvested from an area of   nine hectares.

A total of 667,870 tons of crops have been harvested across the DPR as the reaping enters its final stage.

Russia started a special military operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine on February 24. As of today, 270 localities have been liberated, the offensive continues on the Slavyansk, Artyomovsk and Donetsk directions. *ot