Donetsk, Sep 18 – DAN. DPR seed farms have 950 tons of production in stock as the autumn sowing season ramps up, said the head of State Agricultural Inspection Vladimir Semergey.

"Today, six farms are in operation entitled to produce and sell breeder and foundation seeds (elite and reproduction classes according to DPR classification) and planting material. Almost 1,000 tons of production is in stock ready for the autumn sowing," he said.

Semergey said that DPR farms have developed close ties with Russian breeding centers in Stavropol and Krasnodar, and thanks to cooperation they can now offer high-grade varieties of wheat breeder and foundation stage 1 seeds of Russian origin such as Adel, Grom, Brigada, Donskaya Yubileynaya, Stanichnaya.

"DPR farmers have also shown interest in traditional Ukrainian seed varieties such as Blagodarka, Odesskaya, Knyaginya Olga, etc."

The sowing qualities of seeds are tested on a regular basis, all the stock is certified and registered with the State Register of Seeds permitted in the Russian Federation.

DPR plans to sow almost 100 thousand ha with grain crops to provide for the food safety of the Republic. *ot