Amvrosiyevka district, Jul 20 - DAN. Donetsk People's Republic farmers have brought in some 50,000 tons of cereal and leguminous crops as part of harvest season 2021, LPR Agriculture Policy and Food Minister Artyom Kramarenko told reporters on Tuesday.

“The Republic launched harvesting on July 9. Nearly all DPR districts and two towns, Donetsk and Snezhnoye are at work,” Kramarenko said. “All cereal and leguminous crops were harvested on an area of 18,000 hectares; they are winter wheat, spring and winter barley and peas. Harvesting is at full swing, we’ve brought in about 50,000 tons of crops already.”

He added that the harvested fields made up approximately 10 percent of all areas under crops. Harvesting is running at a moderate rate. “Due to weather conditions, we observe weed infestation and need intensive pre-harvest crop desiccation (to dry the product to make harvesting easier),” he said.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, farmers will harvest early cereal and leguminous crops on an area of 161,700 hectares. The target for wheat is 250,000 tons.*jk*pp