Donetsk, Feb 20 – DAN. DPR economy developed successfully in wartime owing to the high potential of the republic’s scientists who are now actively involved in rebuilding Donbass, acting DPR Economic Development Minister Viktoria Romanyuk said.

“Thanks to cooperation with research institutes we are building a solid foundation for economic models and improving the scientific validation of decisions made,” Romanyuk said.

For example, the Ministry closely interacts with the Institute of Economic Research (IER). IER experts helped review the impact of a number of lawbills and worked out strategic planning documents in forming the republic’s legislative principles, she said.

The scientists used their potential and experience to issue practical recommendations in analysing economic restoration plans. The law on republican programmes has been approved and become effective, and the DPR parliament has approved the first reading of the bill on the state strategic planning system.

DPR authorities and scientists will continue to develop the toolbox to asses socio-economic development of administrative areas and their profiles and monitor and control the implementation of republican programmes.

A series of round-table discussions with economic scientists is planned over socio-economic development of territories, while at joint lectures, IER specialists and Ministry representatives will highlight theoretical and practical aspects.
IER Director Aleksey Polovyan believes that cooperation with the authorities has been successful. He told Donetsk News Agency that IER would continue its research into the emergence of innovative economy development institutes in new industrialisation conditions.

“Fundamental research is related to ways and means to develop the republic. In this connection, we consider financial, legislative and other aspects. We plan to focus on research into and analysis of government regulation, financial, loan and legal systems, educational services market, labour markets and other major elements,” Polovyan said.

The Institute of Economic Research is one of the oldest academic research centres in Donbass. It is the successor to the Institute of Industrial Economics under Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences. *jk