Donetsk, Oct 2 – DAN. The DPR government has finalized a mechanism for Ukrainian debt repayments to the employees of the Voda Donbassa water company, the Republic’s Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Minister Sergey Naumets said on Wednesday.

"The debt of the Ukrainian company is to be fully repaid via the Voda Donbassa water company, as it shall allocate funds from its accounts. The regulatory legal act has been drawn, the government follows the case closely."

The technicalities of funds distribution have been harmonized with the parties concerned. The next step is to endorse the appropriate legislation.

The Ukrainian Voda Donbassa company is going through hard times. Its employees have not been receiving salaries since 2018. The economic subgroup of the Contact Group is managing the situation, but to little avail.

Earlier the government reported it was ready to allocate 300 mln rubles for debt repayment.

DPR Voda Donbassa state company is the key water supplier in the region. Its infrastructure delivers water to nearly 300 townships on both sides of the contact line. *ot*pp