Kirovskoye, Jun 15 - DAN. The Komsomolets Donbassa coalmine in the Donetsk People's Republic has launched a new coal face with estimated reserves of 638,000 tons. The company currently operates six coal faces.

The meeting which marked the occasion was attended by DPR Head Denis Pushilin, Coal and Energy Minister Ruslan Dubovsky, Kirovsky mayor Sergey Yermakov and company employees.

“We are at the development stage where every effort is appreciated as a contribution to progress. It is the fourth coalface launched this year (in the Republic - eds Donetsk News Agency). This means that the company is expanding its economic horizons and that people will be paid. It is important, thank you for your work, stamina and patience,” the DPR leader said.

Pushilin then answered the workers’ questions regarding the opening of checkpoints with Ukraine, road repairs, payrise etc.

Earlier reports said that production at the new coal face would run for the next 16 months. The equipment includes  a 1KD-90T mechanised complex, SP-251 conveyor and 1K-101U cutter-loader. The average daily output is set at 1,300 tons with maximum increase up to 2,509 tons per day.

Komsomolets Donbassa is the largest coalmine in the DPR. Commissioned in 1980, it produces coal of grade A  (anthracite) and grade T (semi-anthracite). In March 2017, the company went into DPR receivership. It has launched ten new coalfaces including the latest one since. The coalmine employs 4,565 people.*jk