Donetsk, Mar 14 — DAN. The Petrovsky Machine-Building Plant will be retooled to produce acoustic systems and lighting equipment, company director Sergey Tkachenko told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.​

“The plant intends to develop a full production cycle for acoustic systems including line arrays and lighting fixtures, ” Tkachenko said. “The metal structures shop will manufacture trusses for fastening acoustic or lighting equipment, and the facility which was used to produce computer-assisted systems for safety monitoring will manufacture amplifiers for acoustic systems and soundboards.”

The plant has all necessary equipment, he added. The process, if launched, will require at least 50 percent of production capacities. “We’ve already manufactured product samples. The most challenging tasks are design, technology, technical documentation, certification and batch production. ‘We’re currently at the stage of coordination with the DPR Ministry of Industry and Trade, ’ Tkachenko said.

An imported acoustic and lighting system would cost about four million rubles today; the plant’s ​ products will be no worse and cost four times cheaper, the director said.

“For one million rubles we will demonstrate the same quality and we’ll certainly win blind trials by all parameters including output and sound quality. We have repair facilities here, i.e. we can provide complete maintenance. It’s quite a problem to repair German, Italian, or French equipment nowadays, ” he said.

The Plant specialized in the production of underground conveyors for many years. Beginning from the 2000s, it began to manufacture computer-assisted systems for safety monitoring.​ Conveyor production stopped around 2010 due to the market situation, and the computer-assisted systems became obsolete. “Our task is to introduce innovations and retool the company, ” Tkachenko said.​

In 2021-early 2022, the company launched the production of furniture for loft apartments but later suspended it due to the hostilities. “We have a complete package of documents for these products, we tuned the technology and we can relaunch production any time, ” he said.

The Petrovsky machine building plant was founded in 1897.*jk