Donetsk, Jun 20 — DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin approved an updated procedure for concluding and fulfilling contracts for investment projects, allowing branches of non-resident companies to engage in investment activities, the corresponding document No. 300 was published today on the Head’s official website.

“Investment of money in business and (or) other activities in order to profit and (or) achieve positive social, economic, environmental or other useful effect in the DPR is carried out by legal entities, individual entrepreneurs registered in the Republic, branches of non-resident legal entities accredited in the territory of the DPR, including those functioning as interim administrators for management of property located in the territory of the DPR and belonging to non-resident legal entities, non-resident individual entrepreneurs, through settlement accounts opened in the Central Republican Bank,” the document reads.

Branches of non-resident companies are eligible for tax benefits, customs exemptions, and other deductions on the condition of transferring saved money to a designated account with the Central Bank, to further allocate them to the investment object. *ot