Donetsk, Jun 5- DAN. A Russian air defense crew has shot down an American JDAM precision-guided bomb on the Avdeyevka axis, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

“On the Avdeyevka axis, a Tor-M2 air defense system shot down a US-made JDAM smart bomb, ” the report said.

A search radar was destroyed with a Lancet loitering munition drone in the Kiev-held Druzhkovka area, the Defense Ministry added.

Joint Direct Attack Munition is a GPS-guided bomb massing 230 to 960 kilograms. The latest version, JDAM-ER, with an effective range of 40 to 75 kilometers, is produced by Boeing. The wing kit is mounted on the middle section and the tail kit with a computer gives the bomb the maneuvering capability.*jk