Donetsk, Nov 13 – DAN. Ukrainian nationalistic groups have put their members on high alert following a conflict with regular armed forces, DPR People's Militia reported.

Earlier extremists of the Pravyi Sector (included in the DPR list designated terrorist groups) attacked the car of the 128th brigade commander with grenade launchers injuring him.

"Ukrainian State Security is searching for the attackers. The JFO HQ has sent the Terek tactical counter-sniper group to the 128th brigade zone of responsibility; leaders of nationalistic groups have put their units on high alert," the report reads.

The conflict between nationalists and regular armed forces broke after the disengagement of forces and hardware in the Petrovskoye-Bogdanovka DMS zone. Radicals are opposing the withdrawal using force against the army units. Two attacks were registered lately, three people are dead, seven injured in the skirmishes. *ot