Donetsk, Sep 3 - DAN. A number of Ukrainian army units on the Mariupol axis have been put on highest alert, Donetsk People’s Republic Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Monday citing intelligence reports.

“Our sources at 128th Mountain Infantry Brigade informed us that Brigade units were on red alert actively replenishing reserves and ammunition,” Basurin said.

Reports on Sunday said that the Ukrainian army had launched preparations for an offensive against the DPR. The Republic's intelligence recorded the deployment of a Ukrainian attack force on the Mariupol axis comprising 56th, 36th and 79th Brigades and Azov nationalistic units.  The participation of 128th Brigade points at Ukrainian army reinforcement in southern Donbass.

The data retrieved from downed Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the south provided additional evidence. Two UAVs had intact videos of Ukrainian hardware being unloaded at the railway terminals in Khlebodarovka and Zachatovka. “The photos clearly show unloaded armoured vehicles which our intelligence says belongs to 79th Air Assault Brigade and 56th Motorised Infantry Brigade,” Basurin said.

In this situation, Ukrainian forces began to send SMS messages to DPR servicemen calling upon them to lay down arms and abandon their positions.

“Of course, Ukrainian invaders’ attempts will be unavailing,” Basurin said. “Our units fully control the situation along the contact line.” *jk