Donetsk, Apr 17 — DAN. Kiev artillery delivered strikes at a church, a market and apartment buildings in central Donetsk overnight to Easter killing a 57-year-old civilian and wounding another seven people.

The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral came under fire during a divine service.​ ​ Kiev artillery strikes also damaged several houses, cars, a school, a hospital, two kindergartens and a market.

On Sunday, Ukrainian army units shelled the Republic with multiple rocket launchers and NATO-supplied artillery pieces 15 times. The enemy expended 80 large caliber ammunition rounds targeting five districts of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Makeyevka and Yelenovka.

No civilian casualties were reported in the DPR on Saturday despite higher fire intensity. Kiev forces shelled four districts of Donetsk, three districts of Gorlovka and two districts of Makeyevka damaging five homes and one civil infrastructure facility. *jk