Donetsk, Oct 13 – DAN. Ukrainian forces have deployed four BUK-M1 missile defense systems in the proximity to the Contact Line near the occupied town of Volnovakha, Donetsk People’s Republic, a senior military official told reporters at the DAN news agency on Thursday.

“Our intelligence detected the arrival of four BUK-M1 missile defense systems at the village of Novognatovka (located near Volnovakha – eds DAN)," DPR Operations Command deputy chief Eduard Basurin said.

BUK-M1 and its modifications are intended for engaging maneuvering airborne targets at low and medium altitudes amidst intense electronic countermeasures. The Soviet Аrmy introduced this system into service in 1983. It is capable of destroying targets at an altitude of up to 10 kilometers, such as aircraft, helicopters, and ballistic missiles.