Donetsk, Mar 13 – DAN. DPR intelligence reported that the standoff between Ukrainian army and radicals engaged in transport blockade of Donbass resulted in clashes, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

"The confrontation between Ukrainian army and radicals heated up due to unofficial order of Ukrainian authorities to dismantle the blockade which has sunk the country into billions of losses and deprived Ukrainian functionaries of additional income sources. The face-off has resulted in skirmishes, there are casualties on both sides," Basurin said.

He added that reports emerged in the last few days of military cars being hit by roadside bombs planted by the radicals on the way to checkpoints.

"In course of the latest incident on Mariupol axis a military Ural exploded on a mine outside the radicals' checkpoint. Two servicemen were killed, nine wounded. The incident is being concealed from the Ukrainian command and public."

A new round of economic blockade of Donbass started in January 2017. Former participants of the offensive blocked railroad between Gorskoye and Zolotoye (LPR territory currently under Kiev's control). The radicals said the aim was to interrupt trade with LPR. Later they blocked Svetlanovo station in vicinity of Pervomaisk, the railroad tracks in the area of occupied Artyemovsk (DPR) and Yasinovataya-Skotovataya stretch. Ukrainian Rada extremists supported the “trade blockade”, while radicals said the drive shall be permanent.*ot