Donetsk, Feb 26 - DAN. A group of gunmen from the extremist Azov unit arrived in the Travnevoye settlement outside Gorlovka, Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Tuesday.

“More than 100 personnel of 18th separate regiment “Azov” and eight infantry fighting vehicles arrived in the responsibility zone of 30th Separate Mechanised Brigade in Travnevoye,” Bezsonov said.

The deployment of new nationalistic squads to Donbass aims to prevent destabilisation of the situation in the Ukrainian army during the presidential election and carry out provocations along the contact line, he added.

Earlier reports said that the DPR intelligence had recorded the arrival of Praviy Sektor (Right Sector, a far-right Ukrainian nationalist political and paramilitary group of neofascist ideology) gunmen and Azov extremists at two crossing points and four contact line settlements.*jk*pp