Donetsk, Apr 12 — DAN. A command and observation post and a strong point of the Ukrainian army have been destroyed by Russian airstrikes on the Avdeyevka axis, “South” task force spokesman Ivan Bigma said on Wednesday.

“On the Avdeyevka axis, South Military District warplanes delivered strikes at a command and observation post of a battalion of the Ukrainian army’s 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade and a stronghold of a battalion from 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade, ” Bigma said adding that the enemy had suffered manpower losses.

Missile strikes were also delivered at two temporary accommodation centers of 56th Separate Motorized Brigade in the Kramatorsk area, he added.

Reports on Tuesday said that up to 40 Ukrainian gunmen had destroyed by Russian bomb strikes in the Avdeyevka area.” *jk