Donetsk, Apr 25 - DAN. The number of Ukrainian army deserters reached 8,377 as of March 2017, DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Tuesday citing a Ukrainian military police source.

“According to a Ukrainian Military Law-Enforcement Service (VSP) source close to the associates of VSP Main Department head Major-General Krishtun, VSP, together with chief enlistment officers and national police carried out a search last month for 8,377 servicemen who had deserted their army units,” Basurin said.

He said the source had provided details on facts of desertion in Ukrainian army branches: land troops (5,589 cases), the Navy (637), airborne troops (165) and other branches (496).

“We see that the population does not want to fight against its own people, nor does it want to serve in the killers’ army,” Basurin said. “The cited figures are official, suggesting the scope of the catastrophic condition of recruitment for the Ukrainian military.” *jk