Donetsk, Jul 30 - DAN. More than 70 people in the DPR were killed since the Additional Measures to reinforce the ceasefire came into force, the Republic's Ombudswoman Daria Morozova said.

"Since July 27, 2020 when the Measures came into force, 68 DPR service members and five civilians have been killed as a result of Kiev's aggression, one child is among the victims."

According to the report, 84 defenders and 15 civilians were injured.

Morozova added that all the diplomatic efforts to settle the conflict are eroded by the actions of Ukrainian military.

"I believe that the situation requires immediate and objective legal assessment by international human rights organizations. Those who committed war crimes must be held responsible," she said.

On July 28, three DPR service members were killed in a mortar barrage of Novaya Mariyvka by Ukrainian forces. *ot*pp