Donetsk, Nov 27 – DAN. Ukrainian armed forces offensive in the vicinity of Gorlovka and Frunze failed last week because of the sensitive information leak, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin on Sunday.

"The head of Ukrainian General Staff Viktor Muzhenko is personally responsible for the leak he allowed during the meeting with brigades commanders. To promote himself, the photos of the meeting were posted online on the Ukraine's Ministry of Defense website, disclosing draft maps with plans in the vicinity of Svetlodarsk salient," Basurin explained.

The DPR intelligence's technical capacity allowed retrieving further details. "Troop staging areas and directions of attacks became known."

As the result of the leak, Ukrainian command "endured casualties before the offensive kicked off, which was not planned for. Besides, the Ukrainian positions were tactically disadvantaged by the lowland in full view from all directions."

The security situation around Gorlovka has deteriorated recently. Last week, Ukrainian units occupied two townships in the so-called grey zone, Gladosovo and Travnevoye. Relocation of military equipment and arms to the area has been reported.

In Frunze area, three Ukrainian saboteurs were killed, two injured as they attempted to infiltrate into LPR territory, Lugansk Media Center reported. *ot