Donetsk, Aug 13 - DAN. Ukrainian military plan to show off the prowess of its marines in a mock capture of a Russian vessel with battle rafts made of logs and straw, Donetsk People’s Republic Operations Command spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Monday citing DPR intelligence data.

“An ICTV television channel shooting team is working in the responsibility zone of 36th Brigade. Journalists are preparing a large story about marines’ life and service in Mariupol. It will show a mock seizure of a Russian vessel in the Sea of Azov. The operation will be carried out along the line of a Somali pirates attack using inflatable boats which are allegedly in service with Ukrainian marines,” Bezsonov said.

He noted that Kiev spin doctors were unlikely to shoot effective scenes because of the sorry state of Ukrainian marines.

“Know how many floating crafts 36th Brigade actually has, we believe that journalists will film “combat rafts” made of logs and straw and painted black instead of genuine rubber boats,” the spokesman said.

The organizers of the sea operation show hope that it will encourage viewers to join the Ukrainian army.*jk