Donetsk, Jun 17 – DAN. Ukrainian special services are investigating leads that underground networks might be operating in Donbass and carrying out attacks on Ukrainian army, said the head of the DPR People’s Militia command press service Daniil Bezsonov.

"A commission from the JFO HQ arrived to the 36th marine brigade zone of responsibility to establish true reasons behind numerus incidents when troops triggered landmines. Ukrainian security service is looking for a separatist underground network consisting of locals; they question volunteers and civilian personnel."

In one of the latest incidents, a sergeant of the 74th reconnaissance battalion of the 36th brigade was injured in a mine blast outside Pavlopol (Mariupol direction); earlier similar accident happened with a mortar crew of the 73rd center of special operations forces; two soldiers of the same brigade were injured in a mine blast in Vodyanoye on June 9.

According to DPR intelligence reports, Ukrainian command leans towards the conclusion that all those incidents were accidental. Minefields outside Pavlopol were earlier installed by the 79th brigade. *ot