Donetsk, Feb 24 – DAN. DPR intelligence spotted enemy hardware on all contact line axes; instead of disengagement, Ukrainian military massed tanks, mortars and heavy artillery, DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said on Friday.

“As the requirement for heavy weapons pullback has not been met, we continue to record violations of the Minsk Agreements by Ukraine. Our intelligence revealed banned weapons in the zone of “anti-terrorist operation,” Basurin said.

DPR intelligence spotted a tank platoon with as many Gvozdika 122mm self-propelled howitzers on Gorlovka axis, a howitzer battalion, a Grad multiple launch rocket systems firing section and two tank platoons on Donetsk axis, and two D-30 howitzer firing sections, a Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer battalion and a 120mm mortar firing section on Mariupol axis.

DPR contact line disengagement was scheduled for 21 February, but Ukraine disrupted the process. DPR officials then extended the hope that the withdrawal might take place the next day. Ukraine said at subsequent talks that it would not withdraw hardware.

Earlier, DPR Operations Command brought forward a contact line stabilisation plan which was approved by the OSCE mission. The key points are immediate and comprehensive ceasefire along the contact line, pullback of all weapons banned under the Minsk documents, unrestricted access for the OSCE SMM to storage sites, a demilitarized zone within 1km radius of Donetsk water treatment plant and a ban on any offensive or approach moves. Ukraine refused to discuss the proposed plan.*jk