Donetsk, Oct 9 – DAN. Ukrainian forces deployed Strela-10 missile systems to Mariupol area and located them on private territory, said DPR People's Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin.

"The installment of three Strela-10 surface-to-air missile systems in a residential area on the Mariupol outskirts has been reported," he said.

Members of the 36th separate marine brigade occupied a residential house and located the missile system in outbuildings having removed the roofs.

Strela-10 is a highly mobile, visually aimed, optical/infrared-guided, low-altitude, short-range surface-to-air missile system. Its minimal intercept altitude is 25 m, maximum – 3,500 m. The minimal range of target destruction is 800 m, maximum – 5,000 m. *ot