Donetsk, Dec 23 – DAN. Ukrainian armed forces deployed MLRS Smerch and Grad to Donetsk and Gorlovka areas, said Operations Command deputy commander Colonel Eduard Basurin.

"On Gorlovka axis an MLRS Grad battalion was located, as well as two 120mm mortar firing sections, two mechanized companies and two tank companies."

MLRS Smerch, Grad firing section, 152mm self-propelled howitzers Akatsia firing section, 122mm self-propelled howitzers Gvozdika firing section, 120mm mortar battery and two tank  firing sections were spotted on Donetsk axis.

A self-propelled howitzers Gvozdika firing section, towed howitzers D-30 firing section, 82mm mortars battaries and two tank companies were located on Mariupol axis.

Basurin added that eight unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted operating on Donetsk and Mariupol axes. *ot