Donetsk, Aug 24 – DAN. Kiev forces opened intense fire on DPR in the night of August 23-24, the JCCC reports.
Local authorities say that the Golmovskiy plant area is being targeted with 120 mm mortars.

The JCCC reports that Kiev forces have been targeting DPR southern areas for the past three hours.

Kominternovo came under fire twice; the total of 28 grenade launcher rounds reached it.

Sakhanka is being shelled from Shirokino with heavy machine guns.

Staromikhailovka outside Donetsk has been targeted with at least 30 BMP-2 cannon rounds.

The Contact Group announced on August 23 that another commitment to ceasefire was confirmed at the meeting in Minsk and is expected to come into force on August 29, 00:01 a.m. *ot