Donetsk, 11 Oct - DAN. DPR People's Militia conscripts of the first drafting campaign have passed tests and examinations six months into the military service.

"High level of discipline and morale, understanding of hat we are fighting for, full commitment to the Republic's cause have enabled the conscripts to pass the exams and tests successfully with outstanding results," the DPR Defense said.

The tests were aimed at confirming the understanding of theory, physical preparedness, and on-the-ground combat skills.

In one of the tests conscripts were required to drive a tank across tough terrain, successfully complete a firing exercise using tank guns and an anti-tank guided missile system.

One of the draftmen told DAN that his unit "was passing a test on driving a T-72 tank".

"I have passed it to an excellent mark as I overcame all the obstacles, completed the route, never once conked out," he shared.

The first DPR draft campaign kicked off in spring this year. In May the first 200 conscripts were sworn in and began their six-month military training. *ot