Donetsk, Oct 12 — DAN. Russian State Duma member Alexander Borodai who was the first prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic will join the fight in Donbass, Federation Council (upper house of the Russian parliament) First Deputy Speaker, Secretary of the General Council of the “United Russia” party Andrey Turchak said on Wednesday. 

“Alexander Borodai has defended DPR independence since 2014; he has combat experience and is Donbass Volunteers Union leader, ” Turchak said. “He’s long been mobilized of his own accord. He is always in the Special Military Operation zone, and soon will join his friends on the front.”

Borodai went to a military enlistment office on Wednesday, he added.

Alexander Borodai is the first chairman of the DPR Council of Ministers (DPR Government). He had this post from May 6 to August 7, 2014. Then he was deputy chairman of the DPR Council of Ministers for several months. He was decorated with the golden star of Hero of the Republic. In August 2015, he headed the Donbass Volunteers Union which had been established in Russia. On September 19, 2021 he won a seat in the parliamentary election as a candidate on the “United Russia” party list from the Rostov region. He currently holds the post of deputy chairperson of the house Committee on CIS affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots.

Earlier, State Duma lawmaker Vitaly Milonov said that he would participate in the Special Military Operation. *jk