Donetsk, Nov 9 - DAN. DPR public commission on collecting proves of Kiev war crimes will pass the data on Oct. 27 Makeevka shelling to OSCE during the meeting of the Contact Group working group on security issues in Minsk, Prof. Alexander Moiseev said.

"Yesterday, Nov.8, representatives of Minsk group on security issues were provided with the results of the investigation into Oct. 27 Makeevka shelling," he said. "The public commission on collecting proves of Kiev war crimes initiated a full-scale investigation. The commission includes a wide range of experts: criminalists, medics, lawyers and solicitors.

Today in Minsk all data will be passed to the OSCE via the representatives of the security subgroup, in order the appropriate measures are taken in regard to the Ukrainian side.

Moiseev said the commission has carried out all the necessary procedures right after the shelling occurred. The data collected shows "the fire was opened from the territory under Kiev control".

"Donbass people can no longer tolerate lies about self-inflicted shelling, the lies Ukraine promotes as an axiom. The commission was established exactly to deal with it, to record facts of strikes on our territory, to pass the data on Ukraine's war crimes further, to international institutions."

In the evening of October 27 Kiev forces hit Makeevka living quarters using heavy artillery and mortars banned under Minsk Agreements. Two civilians were killed and 10 wounded. On the same day Ukrainian forces opened intense fire on DPR townships along the contact line. Overall five were killed and 16 wounded across the Republic in few hours. Following the incident the members of Contact Group have held an emergency videoconference and decided to establish a subgroup that will look into the circumstances of Makeevka shelling.