Donetsk, Oct 13 – DAN. DPR Armed Forces have downed two Ukrainian improvised combat UAVs this week, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

“To adjust artillery fire, Ukrainian forces resort to UAVs; some of them have been upgraded in field conditions to be equipped with weapons. This week two such drones were downed – Leleka and Phantom-4,” he said.

One of the UAVs detonated on impact, suggesting it had been carrying explosive substance. A fragment of hand-grenade fuse was found in the debris of the second UAV.

According to the Article 7 of the Minsk Memorandum dated 19 September 2014, the use of combat aircrafts and UAVs is banned along the contact line in the 30km-wide zone of ceasefire, with the only exception made for the OSCE SMM drones. *ot