Donetsk, Jul 17 – DAN. Two Ukrainian saboteurs were killed in an unsuccessful attempt to infiltrate the DPR, said DPR People’s Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin.

''Last night sabotage squad of up to eight members made a foray against the DPR, but the attempt to infiltrate the Republic in the vicinity of Shirokino also failed."

The enemy incurred losses of two killed.

The commander behind the swoop was identified as Col. Andrey Gnatov in charge of the 36th marine brigade.

One of previous attacks on the DPR that took place outside Zaitsevo resulted in three Ukrainian service members presumably killed as they entered a mine field

Two bodies were retrieved by the DPR People's Militia and handed over to families. One of them was Mikola Ilyin, Estonia national. *ot*pp