Donetsk, Aug 31 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic suggested at the Contact Group video conference that Ukraine withdraw volunteer battalions from Avdeyevka area to stabilise the situation on Donetsk axis, DPR envoy to Minsk talks Denis Pushilin said on Thursday.

“Given the fact that some 80 percent of all recorded strikes are delivered by Ukrainian army units on Avdeyevka-Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka-airport axes, we’re very interested in the investigation of those cases as well as in using severe disciplinary measures against those responsible,” Pushilin said. “Furthermore, we came up with the proposal to withdraw Ukrainian volunteer battalions from the area for the sake of stabilising the situation on this axis.”

He added that DPR had reiterated its commitment at the video conference to observing the ‘school ceasefire’ and welcomed the participants’ proposals on measures to prevent the mounting of tensions on the contact line.

“The ‘school ceasefire’ can become the longest, if not indefinite, but both parties to the conflict should make efforts toward it,” Pushilin said.

Ukrainian forces have fired some 30 mortar rounds on Donetsk axis since Wednesday evening.

The ‘school ceasefire’ has been agreed to by the sides as the new academic year is to begin in Donbass on September 1. It came into force at midnight August 25. Full-fledged ceasefire never began that night, though tensions on the contact line eased in the first hours. The situation has become more unstable in the past few days which prompted the Contact Group to hold an unscheduled video conference on Thursday.

According to DAN information, a comprehensive ceasefire has been announced in Donbass more than 16 times, not mentioning local silence regime announcements and agreements to provide repairs at strategic objects. At best, they have contributed to a short-time stabilization. *jk