Donetsk, Jun 28 - DAN. Ukrainian forces tried to attack DPR militia positions twice on Thursday afternoon, but were rebuffed, Donetsk People’s Republic Operations Command said.

“Today, Ukrainian terrorists made two ineffective attempts to attack our positions on the Gorlovka axis. The attack was successfully rebuffed,” an Operations Command officer said. “The enemy suffered serious casualties: up to three dead and at least three wounded; they ignominiously fled the battlefield.”

After the failed operation, Ukrainian army units pounded western outskirts of the town with artillery and tank guns. Using fire as a cover, a group of Ukrainian commandoes tried to infiltrate Gorlovka. This operation failed as well; the commandoes were detected and caught in a fire trap. Two terrorists were wounded, the officer said.

Reports earlier on Thursday said that three houses were damaged in western Gorlovka as it came under artillery fire.*jk