Donetsk, Jun 20 - DAN. DPR Defence Ministry jointly with Ukraine’s Evacuation 200 volunteer organisation plan to carry out on 21 June joint exhumation of bodies of Ukrainian servicemen interred in Marinovka village area in the vicinity of Shakhtyorsk in eastern DPR.

“A trip to Marinovka is planned tomorrow where three dead Ukrainian servicemen will be exhumed. Representatives of the DPR Defence Ministry and Ukraine’s volunteer organisation Evacuation 200 will attend the disinterment,” a DPR Operations Command officer said.

The bodies will be handed over to Ukraine immediately upon indentification.

Marinovka village is located near Shakhtyorsk in eastern DPR. Fighting in the area and in settlements close to the Russian border unfolded in late July 2014. Kiev had ordered the troops to encircle the DPR capital, so control over the area had strategic significance.

In the course of intense fighting, part of the area infrastructure and housing was destroyed and heavy casualties among non-combatants were reported.

In 2014 autumn, the eastern part of the Republic was fully liberated from Kiev's troops. Thousands of Ukrainian gunmen were killed in these clashes.*jk