Donetsk, Jul 21 - DAN. Ukrainian radicals who took an active part in Donbass conflict, are being relocated to Kiev and its neighborhoods, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin citing intelligence reports.

"Lately our intelligence has been recording radical nationalists leaving Donbass, alone or in small groups. As to our knowledge, masterminds in Kiev recall the illegal armed groups under their control and amass them in Kiev and its neighborhoods."

Basurin reminded that the similar action had been taken during the winter 2013-2014, when nationalistic squads had been directly involved in overthrowing the legitimate authorities of Ukraine.

"The difference between the current state of affairs and that tragic events is that back then nationalists didn't have so many arms and munitions at their disposal."

As DPR intelligence earlier reported, on many occasions Ukrainian armed extremists did not follow orders of the official command, and were often engaged in skirmishes with other squads or regular units. *ot