Donetsk, Jun 19 - DAN. Ukrainian army reinforced its positions on southern axis with a battery of MLRS Grad, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

"Our intelligence keeps recording forces and hardware (of the enemy) amassing along the contact line. In the area of Granitnoye (4km from the contact line), a battery of MLRS Grad of the 28th separate mechanized brigade has been revealed. In Volnovakha (17km from the contact line), up to 70 vehicles with personnel and ammunition have arrived."
Basurin said Ukrainian forces fired 334 artillery, mortars and tank guns rounds at DPR.

The latest recorded case of Kiev forces using MLRS Grad systems took place on June 16-17 night, as Starolaspa township of Telmanovskiy district came under fire, a dozen of private households were damaged.