Donetsk, Apr 18 – DAN. The Contact Group has not managed to reach an agreement on Easter ceasefire during the video talks today, the DPR Foreign Ministry said.

"Unfortunately, Kiev's downright inadequacy with its imaginary war with Russia made it impossible to reach a consensus on the major task of providing a durable and sustainable silence regime. It sets a precedent of a failure to coordinate the ceasefire."

The Foreign Ministry highlighted the fact that any unilateral statements are but an imitation of true steps to reach an effective peace initiative; additional measures to facilitate the implementation silence regime.

"Most definitely, we are interested in the soonest coordination of an effective truce on the eve of the Easter Holidays. Nevertheless, it is evident that it is possible only if additional measures to reinforce and control it are adopted. We hope that during the next meeting in Minsk on April 24 the Ukrainian side shall scale back its ambition and support peace initiatives on introduction of an effective, not imitated, Easter ceasefire."*ot