Donetsk, Jun 23 – DAN. The DPR People's Militia has evacuated the bodies of the service members killed on June 21 as a result of a Ukrainian attack, the Defense said.

Earlier, on June 21 three Republican service members were killed in a Ukrainian attack on the Lozovoye area, one was injured. When an evacuation group arrived in an ambulance to retrieve the bodies, Ukrainian army opened fire on them despite a JCCC-agreed humanitarian lull. Another DPR service member was killed, four injured.

Earlier on Wednesday evacuation efforts have been halted due to another shelling.

"The most monstrous thing in this situation is that despite our numerous requests for security guarantees and ceasefire Ukraine has been impeding the evacuation of the bodies, so that they are buried in accordance with Christian rituals, for two days."

In light of the situation, the DPR People's Militia has decided to evacuate the bodies without waiting for security guarantees to be confirmed. "The evacuation team, risking their lives, succeeded in retrieving the bodies this night", the report reads. *ot