Donetsk, Oct 16 – DAN A DPR servicemen was killed as the Republic forces repelled Kiev's offensive on south axis, a DPR defense official said.

"The enemy's offensive has been blunted, one militiaman lost his life, three were wounded defending their land," deputy commander of DPR Operations Command Colonel Eduard Basurin told journalists speaking at a briefing in DAN news agency.

He reminded that fighting erupted today at 8 a.m. in the area of Leninskoye village as Ukrainian forces up to one company launched an offensive backed with mortar fire and heavy artillery. According to the latest reports, the enemy fired 32 122mm artillery rounds and 18 mortar rounds of 120mm caliber.

According to Operations Command, fighters of Azov nationalistic organization took part in the assault, their casualties amounted to 5 killed and at least 10 wounded.