Donetsk, Sep 6 – DAN. DPR Court Martial has sentenced Dnepropetrovsk district resident, member of Donbass radical squad to 15 years in jail, DPR Prosecutor General's office said.

"DPR Court Martial, as a chamber of the DPR Supreme Court, found the resident of Dnepropetrovsk district citizen V. guilty of crime under Article 232 of the DPR Criminal Code (participating in training with a purpose of committing terrorist activity)."

In late May 2014 the suspect voluntarily joined the Donbass battalion tasked with punitive expeditions against civilians of Donbass.

"While on the premises of a training camp in Novye Petrovtsy in Kiev Region, citizen V. was undergoing training, taught by expert instructors, acquiring knowledge and experience in physical and psychological training, using arms, methods and tactics of conducting military action," the Prosecutor General's office said.

Earlier DPR special forces have reported several detainments of suspected spies, both DPR and Kiev-controlled territories residents. *ot