Donetsk, May 29 – DAN. Ukrainian army has failed to carry out large-scale naval drills using the wolfpack tactic it had repeatedly pledged to organize, said the head of the DPR People's Militia command press service Daniil Bezsonov.

"The reports on Ukrainian Joined Forces large scale naval drills with field firing in the Azov sea have gone viral. The plan was to use the wolfpack tactic, jump-off an attack on a seaborne target using modern digital electronic warfare, as well as to carry out air defense and communication drills."

In reality, the 'wolfpack' comprised two boats, "Kremenchug" and "Lubny", covered by an outdated Mi-14 helicopter.

"Given their low technical level and limited sea worthiness, those boats are capable of, say, dispersing civilian fishing fleet in their own territorial waters. That's what they actually did with a couple of rounds fired from bow and stern artillery modules," Bezsonov said.

The wolfpack was a mass-attack tactic used by the German Kriegsmarine during the WWII, as opposed to the tactics of individual operation, most commonly used these days. The tactics were also used by the US Pacific Fleet.*ot