Donetsk, Aug 17 – DAN. The DPR Command has provided new information on the critical lack of personnel in Ukrainian units deployed to the conflict zone.

"Staffing of the 58th mechanized infantry brigade, which arrived to substitute the 24th brigade, is at 53 percent: 1,830 out of 3,435 positions on staffing table," said the head of the DPR Armed Forces press service Daniil Bezsonov.

"Staffing of the 36th marine brigade is at 63 percent: 2,292 out of 3,638 positions on staffing table."

Bezsonov said that Ukrainian HR scientific-methodological center of the Defense Ministry had carried out designated research into the reasons people terminate contracts or perpetrate unauthorized departures from units. It was established that 59 percent of responders cited extended presence in the armed operation zone and associated inconveniences (fatigue, excessive stress, family issues) as the primary reason for leaving.

"At the same time, almost half of the responders (the questionnaire allowed for multiple choice) said that they were dissatisfied with insufficient material provision, low salaries, low level of social and judicial protection for military staff."

Apart from the lack of personnel In armed forces Kiev faces the problem of the lack of qualified staff in the State border guard service of Ukraine.

"To preserve high-percentage staffing with officers in the border units in the conflict zone the border guard's administration board decided to extend the service terms for officers in border units deployed to the zone of the Joint Forces Operation for up to two years beginning from August 1, 2018. "

The decision is non-compliant with the Ukrainian law, Bezsonov said. *ot