Donetsk, Nov 13 – DAN. DPR mine clearance operation in the Petrovskoye-Bogdanovka disengagement area began today with engineer reconnaissance to determine workload and hard-to-reach areas, said DPR representative at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) Ruslan Yakubov.

"Ten DPR Emergency Ministry's experts are engaged in the demining operation, they are to conduct reconnaissance to determine the area to be demined and locate areas with limited access. Demining of mine belts and removal of EXO shall begin after the engineer reconnaissance and after obtaining the information on workload and the nature of the work. According to the schedule, demining activities shall be completed by November 19," he said.

The removal of fortifications and other installations of military value and dismantling of non-explosive barriers shall be completed by December 4 on the condition of mirror-like actions at the Ukrainian side.

"After the activities are finalized, November 20 and December 5, correspondingly, the sides are to notify the OSCE SMM. The SMM is to verify the reports on December 6," Yakubov said.

DPR engineers have begun demining in the Petrovskoye-Bogdanovka disengagement area earlier in the day. JCCC officers and DPR People's Militia press service members are present at the site.*ot