Donetsk, Aug 25 – DAN. A civilian has been injured by Kiev forces' fire in Petrovskiy district of Donetsk this morning, said DPR Operations Command.

"At around 7 a.m. the fire on Petrovskiy district was opened from the positions of the Ukrainian nationalistic squad 'Donbass-Ukraina' in the vicinity of Maryinka. They used grenade launchers and small arms. As the result, a civilian man sustained upper body injury, he was taken to hospital."

The 'school ceasefire' has been agreed to by the sides as the new academic year is to begin in Donbass on September 1.

According to DAN information, a comprehensive ceasefire has been announced in Donbass 16 times, not mentioning local silence regime announcements and agreements to provide repairs at strategic objects. At best, they have contributed to a short-time stabilization. *ot