Donetsk, Oct 27 — DAN. The Bogdan Khmelnitsky battalion comprising former Ukrainian servicemen has joined Russia’s Kaskad operations and tactical group which is taking part in the special military operation, battalion commander Andrey Tischchenko said on Friday.

“We’ve enlisted in the Kaskad group <…>, ” RIA Novosti quoted Tishchenko as saying. “We’re going to take an oath of loyalty after training.” 

The fighters will go to the frontline after the oath-taking ceremony. They were eager to take training which started three weeks ago, he added.

“Weapons and uniforms were issued to us the next day after our arrival  Then we went to a firing range for weapon adjustment, ” Tishchenko said.

Reports in February 2023 said that the Bogdan Khmelnitsky battalion was recruiting former Ukrainian servicemen.  Back then, it comprised some 70 people; 95 percent of them were seasoned veterans. These are people who laid down their arms and later on volunteered to serve in the Russian army under standard contracts, the battalion commander said.*jk