Donetsk, Dec 3 – DAN. The DPR People's Militia intelligence has obtained data on several options of an assault against Donbass Ukrainian army deliberates.

"Our Intelligence received reliable data on several assault plans prepared by Western curators together with the Ukrainian command," said DPR People's Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin.

As part of the planned assault, Kiev forces are going to carry out a chemical attack in Gorlovka area, controlled by Kiev forces. Earlier DPR Intelligence reported British military experts arrival to Ukrainian-occupied Artyemovsk to prepare chemical attacks in the DPR north and that Kiev developed a plan to carry out a sabotage act at the Stirol plant to deflect DPR forces and penetrate the DPR territory. In Mariupol, Ukraine plots attacks on the sea and on the land to cause multiple civilian casualties and to put the blame on the DPR.

"It shall be the pretext for a massive missile airstrike on critical infrastructure and areas. In particular aircrafts shall target military equipment storage sites, established in accordance with the Minsk Agreements, arms and fuel depots, civilian infrastructure," Basurin said.

DPR People's Militia said that Ukrainian army might carry out the plan gradually, guaranteed to create a monstrous image of DPR leadership among members of the international community and lay basis for a total mobilization in Ukraine. *ot