Donetsk, Apr 15 - DAN. More than 70 recruits who arrived at the Donetsk People’s Republic military commissariat central assembly point have been sent to a training centre after passing medical examination, the DPR militia reported on Thursday.

“More than 70 recruits have arrived from their places of residence to the central assembly point of the Republican Military Commissariat,” the report said. “After medical examination and document processing, they received military uniforms and heard motivational words of the Republic’s military commissar. The recruits then were taken to the premises of the training centre where they will learn military professions.”

The medical examination was carried out by the People’s Militia Medical Service. The recruits also took a COVID-19 rapid test and the first dose of the Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine.

Earlier, DPR Head Denis Pushilin announced the first conscription in the history of the country starting April 1. Two hundred recruits are expected to be enlisted. Their military service will run at a training centre for six months.*jk*pp